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The Professional Services Business Group of BCI provides a full range of software development, consulting, and educational services for high-technology enterprises and organizations. We develop custom software applications, web sites, promotional videos, training CD-ROMs, and animations.

  • Web Development
    • Website design, implementation, and maintenance
    • Web-based application development
    • Flash, Director, Macromedia
    • Finish/Media 100
  • Software Development
    • Java, C/C++, Python & Visual Basic custom
      software application development
    • Python, wxWindows desktop applications
    • Perl, CGI web server development
    • Multimedia: CBT, video, animations

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Corporate News:
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Blue Cove Interactive's (former) Web Services acquires over a dozen new hosting clients.

Blue Cove Interactive Data Management Business Group halts work on wireless products

Blue Cove Interactive halts availability of MapQuest Traffic.

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