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Blue Cove Interactive, Inc. (BCI), a California C-Corporation and headquartered in San Diego, was a provider of wireless services and software to leverage Location-Based Services (LBS) to meet the special needs of the growing market of personal travel devices. It is now functionally inactive and in process of dissolving former business unit(s).

BCI's Web Services & Hosting, and Desktop Application development programs have been assumed by R J Schumacher (and associates).

Blue Cove Interactive (BCI), founded in January 1999 as a California C corporation. BCI is comprised of a team of wireless and wireline professionals from the following companies: QUALCOMM, Ericsson, Cisco Systems, Honeywell, SAIC, Litton Industries, Rohr Industries, Cabletron, Loral, Telos, Xerox Wireless Solutions, Radyne-COMSTREAM, WFI, Wireless Knowledge and various research institutions. This team designed, created, marketed and sold proven wireless applications, server applications and artificial intelligence applications that have been used in both the commercial and military sectors.

The BCI team dedicated two years acquiring, developing and customizing navigation and touring tools, wireless network planning and optimization tools for a number of customers including Ericsson Wireless Solutions. BCI incorporated the best of breed from these past and ongoing projects to design the Intellos Design network planning module, software engine and proprietary adaptive technology, as well as personalized wireless navigation and touring platforms. Both solutions were revolutionary technologies that emphasize ease of use and maximum efficiency.


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Corporate News:
Blue Cove Interactive's Web Services support fully assumed by former employees.

Blue Cove Interactive's (former) Web Services acquires over a dozen new hosting clients.

Blue Cove Interactive Data Management Business Group halts work on wireless products

Blue Cove Interactive halts availability of MapQuest Traffic.

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